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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Technology & Services in Houston, TX

When you have old parts with only 2D data or no drawings at all, HAK Metrology has the tools to provide you with the details you need. We use multiple cutting-edge technologies to generate solid CAD models and drawings, offering full-scope analysis and tolerancing.  

Replace or repair old parts with reverse engineering services provided by HAK Metrology Solutions

The Right Tool for the Job

We perform a detailed evaluation of the part you send us to determine the best method of reverse engineering for your situation. We use a variety of tools to measure parts large and small, including:

Communication is key—we work with you directly to gear our deliverables toward accuracy and design intent. Our experts are glad to assist you in any stage of the product development process.

Applications for Reverse Engineering

Whether you need to determine design intent, design a new part to fit legacy equipment, or modernize your facility’s processes, HAK Metrology has the perfect solution for you. Our solid models and drawings can be used for:

  • Reconstructing incomplete design data
  • Generating design specifications for old parts or those out of production
  • Refurbishing components
  • Eliminating original design flaws or failures
  • Product development & engineering
  • Prototyping

Our versatile tools can be used at all stages of the product lifecycle. From concept to assembly to replacement, we have the latest software and equipment to get you up and running.

Reconstruct incomplete design data with reverse engineering services

High resolution digital designs using the reverse engineering process

Benefits of Reverse Engineering with HAK

Reverse engineering with HAK Metrology’s suite of versatile, ultra-high accuracy equipment provides highly detailed deliverables that are customized to your exact requirements. With the capability to capture complex designs, organic shapes, and minute details, we provide fast and sophisticated data for any project. 

With HAK, you receive high-resolution digital designs and 3D models, whether we are creating new specifications or verifying and updating old specifications. Plus, you get unmatched customer service and support from our expert team from start to finish.

Reverse Engineering in Houston, TX

Measuring an old component using handheld tools can be time-consuming—and it leaves plenty of room for error. Ensure that your part is perfect for its job with advanced reverse engineering services from HAK Metrology.

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