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Custom Fixturing and Design

Custom Fixturing & Design Services
in Houston, TX

Your new CMM provides you with a world of productivity and accuracy solutions at your fingertips. However, without the right fixtures, efficiency problems and errors inevitably arise, costing you valuable time as you reset and reprogram. With a custom fixture from HAK Metrology, you can capture all the valuable information you need with repeatability and full confidence in your equipment.

Fully customized fixtures provided by HAK Metrology in Houston, TX

Set Your Business Up for Success

Our design team creates fully customized fixtures to fulfill your unique measurement needs. Working directly with you, our expert engineers will develop a fixture optimized for your parts and products. These fixtures, backed by years of engineering and programming expertise, allow you to inspect, validate, and manufacture products with consistency, repeatability, and efficiency. 

Proper part setup is critical for getting the most out of your CMM. Our goal is for you to confidently operate and utilize your equipment with full accuracy and repeatability. Our team not only designs custom fixtures but also helps you set up and program your CMM to reach maximum efficiency with minimal human interruption.

Fit-for-Purpose and General-Use Fixtures

The goal of any CMM fixture is repeatability and reproducibility. Precision fixtures remove operator variance and ensure consistent inspections before costly backlogs or drifts in metrology results can occur. Whether you need a fixture custom-made to fit a highly specific purpose or a modular fixture that can be adapted for general use, HAK can design a solution to meet your most exacting manufacturing standards.

Precision fixtures designed by HAK Metrology Solutions

Custom fixturing and design in Houston, TX

Expert Evaluation

When you work with HAK Metrology, you gain a partner that is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your business. We create fixtures for even the most complex and difficult parts in a wide range of industries and applications. Our designers are experienced in the fields of manufacturing and programming and are continuously trained on the most cutting-edge advancements. 

We can review parts on-site, or you can submit parts or CAD drawings to us. Whichever method you choose, we will perform a detailed evaluation. During our consultation, we will gather in-depth information to discover the best solution for your unique situation, including:

  • Operations that need to be validated
  • The stage of the process during which parts will be checked 
  • How many parts will be measured at once
  • How frequently the part will be measured
  • The material, size, and shape of the part

Custom Fixturing and Design Examples

Custom Fixturing and Design in Houston, TX

Improve your efficiency and manufacturing cycle times with high-quality custom fixtures from HAK. For more information about scheduling a consultation or submitting a part for review, contact us today.

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