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Manufacturing Metrology Services from 
HAK Metrology Solutions

Thank you for your interest in HAK Metrology Solutions. We offer a robust range of measurement, inspection, and programming services customized to fit your business’s needs.

Metrology services in Houston, TX

CMM Inspection

Using our top-of-the-line, bridge-style CMM, we can inspect and validate parts with ultra-high accuracy and continuous contact capabilities. We ensure that parts have been manufactured to match their function and design specifications to the most precise detail. 

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CMM Programming

We can help you program your own CMM machine, customizing it to your business’s specific parts and processes. We specialize in programming difficult and complex parts to ensure drawing requirements have been met and increase your production time.

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CMM inspection services in Dallas, TX

Laser measurement services in Dallas, TX

Laser Measurement

Using our advanced laser tracker system, we can provide data across long distances up to 160 meters in radius. With this versatile system, we can provide a range of services including structural alignment, hole location, large part inspection, and weldment builds.

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Portable CMM

Our highly versatile and portable CMM allows us to make endless types of measurements virtually anywhere, utilizing our powerful software. Whether in the field or in your shop, we can capture anything, from complex new design styles to parts in tight spaces.

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Portable CMM services performed in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, TX

Reverse engineering services provided by HAK Metrology Solutions in Austin, TX

Reverse Engineering

Have an old part without any drawings or data? Send the part to HAK and we will create a highly accurate solid model and CAD drawing. With our arsenal of advanced equipment, we can utilize the best tools available, including structured light and laser scanning.

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Custom Fixturing and Design

If you want to improve cycle times in your manufacturing process, a custom CMM fixture for your product is essential. We create these custom designs so you can achieve faster output with minimal operator and/or robotic interaction.

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Custom fixturing and design services in Austin, TX