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CMM Programming

Our CMM Programmer Training & Services
in Houston, TX

Purchasing a CMM Programmer Training for your business is a wise investment. After the initial set-up and training, however, you may realize that you need a program tailor-made for your exact parts and processes. Call HAK's expert CMM programmers to create a program for you to take full advantage of your bridge, portable, or laser CMM's powerful capabilities. Participants in the CMM Programmer Training may also have the opportunity to prepare for and take certification exams, underscoring the industry value of these certifications.

What is a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)?

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programmer is a skilled professional responsible for developing and implementing the programming that guides the operation of Coordinate Measuring Machines. CMMs are precision measurement devices used in manufacturing and quality control processes to assess component's dimensional accuracy and geometric characteristics, illustrating how CMMs work to streamline measurement and inspection needs across industries. The CMM Programmer plays a crucial role in creating the code, instructing the CMM to probe and measure various points on a workpiece and emphasizing the importance of understanding the fundamentals of CMM programming to achieve precise and accurate inspections. This involves translating engineering drawings, reports, and specifications into a language the CMM understands, ensuring precision and accuracy that surpasses the human ability to comprehend minuscule differences. Additionally, CMM Programmers create inspection programs that automate the CMM for efficient inspections and data collection, collaborating with engineers and quality control personnel to optimize measurement strategies, troubleshoot programming issues, and enhance the overall efficiency of the inspection process. Their expertise is vital in ensuring that manufactured components meet the required specifications and standards, contributing to producing high-quality and precise products in various industries.


CMM programming provided by HAK Metrology


Tailor-Made Programs for Your Business

Whether you manufacture complex, delicate, or simple, powerful products, our team can elevate your measuring accuracy through expert programming. Because our team is experienced in the manufacturing and aerospace industry, we understand the most effective CMM programming styles to maximize your operational efficiency. Effective CMM programming supports maintenance operations crucial for property management, emphasizing the importance of management experience in optimizing operational efficiency, especially in contexts requiring careful planning and cost control. We use our knowledge to save you time and help you adhere to your project deadlines.

Sophisticated Software

Our CMM programmer services run PC-DMIS, a world-leading software that helps you manufacture smarter with data-driven decision-making. Capable of years of maximum accuracy and quality assurance, PC-DMIS software supports your business's productivity and cost-saving objectives with integrated and intuitive features.

We can design a machine and program for your company that adapts to changing conditions in real-time, reducing the number of interruptions and user input required. Because the program is custom-designed for your organization's unique needs, you can rely on greater productivity, reduced waste, and reduced cycle times, allowing you to deliver quality products every time.

PC-DMIS software used by HAK Metrology to perform CMM programming services

Equator gauging systems with MODUS metrology software

Equator Gauging Systems

HAK Metrology's CMM programming capabilities don't stop with portable, bridge, and laser CMMs. Our expertise extends to optimizing Equator gauging systems with MODUS metrology software. MODUS software simplifies sophisticated measurement with various customizable functions and gauging routines. And because MODUS offers genuine native DMIS support, we can help you configure versatile, customized calibration programs to meet your productivity and profitability goals.

Remote Support for the Life of the Program

When we design a program for you, we become your partner throughout the program's life. Not only do we provide training and troubleshooting for each program, for example, but we also offer both continuing online support and on-site support for comprehensive troubleshooting and training. This ensures that, should any issues arise, we have the flexibility to provide immediate assistance remotely or directly at your location, enhancing the support experience. Our remote support allows us to solve programming problems quickly and from anywhere in the country, getting you back on track as a programmer as soon as possible.

Customized CMM Programming in Houston, TX

Don't let your investment sit in the corner—unlock your CMM's full potential with expert programming from HAK Metrology. Let our experienced engineering team provide a program to transform your operations with optimal accuracy and quality. Experience significant improvements in your operations within just one week of implementing our custom CMM programming, showcasing our commitment to quick and effective service.

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Customized CMM Programming in Houston, TX