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CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection Services
in Houston, TX

When your manufacturing business is on the line, precision is non-negotiable. At HAK, we use an ultra-high accuracy bridge-style CMM to capture complex three-dimensional details with sophisticated technology. 

CMM inspection

Versatility for Any Inspection

When you have a part that needs to be validated against a manufacturing design, you need equipment that can handle your unique specifications. Whether you need a first article inspection or validation for a high-volume production run, we can ensure that every dimension of the part will match its function perfectly.

We can measure small and large objects at various stages of production, quickly catching any issues before the project is finished to ensure maximum efficiency. The quality and accuracy of your products are our priority.

High-Precision Equipment

We operate our Leitz bridge-style CMM in a state-of-the-art controlled environment lab so we can verify the most complex features with ultimate precision. Combining high accuracy with maximum flexibility, our CMM can validate and verify parts using a wide range of probe heads and sensors. With continuous contact, the touch probe system can measure a part’s surface in any orientation in space with total consistency.

The entire system is rounded out with
state-of-the-art PC-DMIS software, a comprehensive and intelligent system that is fully customizable, highly efficient, and designed to offer top-quality evaluation of all measured data. 

CMM inspection services provided by HAK Metrology


In the busy world of manufacturing, time is always of the essence. We know the manufacturing industry’s pace and are fully prepared to match it with quick set-up and optimized performance. We provide extensive data and reliable part validation in line with your production schedule so you can focus on running a well-oiled machine.

Ultra-High Accuracy CMM Inspection in Houston, TX

At HAK Metrology, we work with you to provide comprehensive measurement and inspection services tailored to your business needs. Let our experienced team provide you with the CMM inspection and verification services you require.

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