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Portable CMM

Handheld Portable CMM Machines & Services In Houston, TX

Using our highly versatile portable CMM, we can inspect and measure complex parts and surfaces anytime, anywhere. Our ROMER portable CMM features measuring ranges of 1 to 3.5 meters and beyond, providing the flexibility to capture measurements in the manufacturing environment---where they matter most.

Portable CMM Machines & Services

Ultimate Versatility

Our precision inspection services aren’t limited by location. With our portable CMM, we bring an arsenal of high-quality measurement capabilities to you with one powerful, versatile device. No matter the position or condition of your part or process, we offer fully-verifiable scanning system accuracy anywhere you need it. Equipped with the smartest software in the industry, our portable CMM can handle even the harshest industrial environments with ease.

Certified Capability

Our portable CMM is ISO 10360-12 certified, meeting the latest and highest standards of performance. It’s also capable of gathering robust dimensional data that would take multiple costly handheld devices to acquire. With HAK, you can measure virtually anything, whether you are verifying the latest engineering design styles or troubleshooting a specific point in the manufacturing process.

Certified portable CMM inspection equipment

Improve manufacturing processes with Portable CMM services provided by HAK Metrology Solutions

Maximized Productivity

Whether you need to pinpoint quality assurance problems or simply want to reduce your development cycle time, inspections performed with our portable CMM can help you eliminate the guesswork of improving your manufacturing processes. We know accuracy is critical to your bottom line. You can rely on us to provide superior inspections with high-density dimensional data.

Portable CMM in Houston, TX

When micrometers, calipers, and gauges aren’t quite fast or accurate enough for your needs, let HAK Metrology provide you with the precision to inspect every critical component. In the field or at your shop, we can meet you wherever you need unmatched accuracy.

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