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Laser Measurement

Advanced Laser Measurement Services in Houston, TX

Using our advanced Leica Absolute laser tracker system, HAK can provide data across long distances of up to a 160-meter radius. For all kinds of industries, from oil and gas to industrial plants and everything in between, our laser system is optimized to meet the productivity, portability, and repeatability requirements of your company.

Laser measurement performed with laser tracker systems

One Tool, Endless Applications

Our state-of-the-art laser tracker systems can measure 3-dimensional coordinates with high repeatability and high range. Built to perform in almost any environment imaginable with automatic beam-targeting technology, our laser tracker system can handle the most demanding applications effortlessly. With continuous measurement, entry-level probing, and the ability to orient to gravity, our robust system is ready for anything, including but not limited to:

  • Gearbox and extruder alignment
  • Bore alignment
  • Hole location
  • Weldment builds
  • Detailed part inspection of small to large parts
  • First article inspections

Productivity Meets Possibility

With HAK Metrology’s laser measurement services, you don’t have to choose between accuracy and efficiency. Our advanced tracker system puts productivity first, delivering streamlined measurements on the go or on-site. With unparalleled speed and minimum disruption, we can offer highly accurate 3D measurements and process improvement across a wide range of industries. Not only can we take measurements quickly—we provide results that help you maintain peak productivity throughout production.

Laser measurement using highly accurate 3D measurements

Portable CMM using laser measurement

Measure Anything, Anywhere

Our laser tracker system offers maximum portability with maximum resilience: wherever your needs lie, we can meet you there. Our system’s integrated environmental unit monitors conditions such as temperature, pressure, and humidity, constantly adjusting to ensure accurate measurements every time. IEC-Certified to protect against dust and other contaminants, our system maintains its precision in even the harshest environments. 

Laser Measurement in Houston, TX

At HAK Metrology, we work with you to provide comprehensive measurement and inspection services tailored to your business needs. When you need real-time, 3D coordinate data with unmatched accuracy in any environment, we’re here to deliver.

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